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Ben's Albums are not open yet, when they do a select few will be able to browse through photos of Ben's Amazing Life. Below are the links to the desired section of photos. To get access to the Albums, you must register and be reviewed for viewing. An Email will be sent to you with instructions on how to maintain this account. This is only a portal to Ben's Album Site.


Young Ben

This is the Album of our Ben as a youngster. It was his way or the highway even as a kid, creating a very unique drive towards Leadership. I'm pretty sure he slept in those boots...


School Days

Middle school - High school and leading up to Boot Camp. Ben with his home town best friends. Ole Blue was taken a lick-in, but kept on tick-in... for a little longer...


The Marines

The Album of Ben at the time when he an active Marine. Back from a tour, on leave, Active duty in Iraq, returning from war and his fellow Marines.


Ben and Family

After the impossible tours of duty in Iraq, Ben came home to settle down with local sweat heart Megan and son Enis. Ben Loved the Father role, I loved it more to see him in it.

If Tomorrow Never Comes By Megan Modie

Even though it may make you sad, watch the video for the good stuff.

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forget me NOT!

“Don't judge me,
Thats one of Ben's famous 1 liners and its one you should not forget. I think it goes on way to much in the world today. Be very careful who and what you judge for you might mysteriously find yourself in a similar situation.”

For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged and with what measure you meet, shall be measured to you again
Matthew 7:2

Kenny Schindler,
Chief contributer of


Facts of Life after War
Marine from Davie takes own life after battling demons of war.
As a machine gunner in the U.S. Marines, John Lutz survived combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq while earning 13 service commendations and the respect of fellow Marines.